Things to see and do in Gdansk – attractions

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See the most interesting spots in the Gdansk Old City sitting comfortably in an electric car.
Prices starting from 150zl for groups of 1-10 people.

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City Tours Gdansk with Guide

City Tours with guide, language ; english, german, russian, spanish, italian, norwegian, french. During the trip we stope at all  places, when you can make photos.

Top Route station, hop on hop off –  The Highland Gate,The Golden Gate,The Great Armory,Dlugi Targ Street, Neptune Fountain, Artus Court,Uphagen’s House,The Hall of the City,The English House,St Mary’s Street- Amber, The Royal Chapes,The Crane,The Post Office in the Free City,Solidarity Square, The Highland,The Great Mill, St Mary’s, St Nicolas, St Briget’s, St John’s St Catherine’s, Church, The Monument of John III Sobieski, The Market Hall, Museums, Exhibitions, Gallery,

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